Dr. Ankhesenamun Ball Marioni             (pronounced: un-kes-sin-nah-men)

             Dr. Ankhesenamun Ball Marioni

           (pronounced: un-kes-sin-nah-men)

I am an experienced, culturally sensitive, licensed clinical psychologist. I strive to stay abreast of the latest advances in psychological treatments  and neuropsychological research. My work is patient centered as opposed to adhering to a particular theoretical orientation.  I do not believe that therapy is one-size-fits-all and must be adjusted based on the needs of the patient. In order to fulfill those needs, I utilize a blend of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral techniques.  My work allows me to help patients understand how unresolved issues from the past can disturb their ability to live in the present while difficulties of the present can limit one's hopes for the future.

 Your choice to enter in to therapy indicates a desire to work through difficult challenges that are impacting your daily life .  At times therapy can be intense but is often rewarding. Our own fears can hold us back and prevent us from making necessary changes in our lives.  If you allow me the opportunity, I will help you to create emotional balance so you can get back to the more important factors of life. Work, Love, and Play.

My Story

In 2010, I graduated from the Alliant International University's California School of Professional Psychology where I studied clinical psychology with a forensic emphasis. In school my practicum level training primarily focused on the under served child and adult populations within the community mental health settings.   I completed my predoctoral training at Access Institute, where I worked with the elder population of Bay View Hunter's Point adult day health center. There I treated senior citizens struggling with mental illness. This experience provided me  the training I needed to have a well rounded understanding of psychology and development across the lifespan. After obtaining my doctorate in psychology (Psy.D), I completed my final round of training with Westcoast Children's Clinic (WCC) as a postdoctoral trainee. There I had the opportunity to work with children and adolescents struggling with mental illness. After my training I stayed on with the agency to continue my work as an Assessment Specialist. While there I conducted neuro- and psychodiagnostic assessments to assist caregivers, social workers, and treatment teams in better understanding the needs of the child as well as provide diagnostic clarity. Today I continue to  provide comprehensive psychological assessment services using the collaborative therapeutic assessment technique. I also conduct therapy with patient suffering from anxiety, distress, grief/loss, and anger management issues.