To New Beginnings


Welcome to 2014.  After all of the celebrating has ended, we have all resolved to do something different or differently in the new year. Change is healthy and in many cases inevitable.  As a species we are constantly growing and learning.  For some, change comes with ease, for others, not so much.  January 1st marks the date that he or she will begin to make that change.  

Like most, my resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle in 2014.  This not only means being healthier on the outside but also being healthy on the inside, both physically and mentally.  Although I use many of the techniques that I share with my patients I will venture to try out something different, with an end goal of having more patience for all things electronic.

In my experience I have found that the key to making any change last is knowing your ability and being consistent.  It is very important to know what you can and can't do.  Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew hoping that it will bring us closer to our goal, faster!  This most always leads to being overwhelmed and results in not reaching one's goal.  Ramping up to any activity allows one to build their ability, which allows for greater consistency, which equals success.  Consistency is very important as it is the process that drives routine which allows, nay, ensures that the activity is completed.  When you are consistent with something, albeit an activity or a person, it means the activity or person has meaning in your life.  It's much easier to be consistent with "change" when the reason you're trying to change has meaning to you.  

One last important note about change is that it takes time. Always remember "Rome was not built in a day" and neither were you. Be patient.