Individual Therapy


Individual Therapy is comprised of weekly 50 minute sessions.  Together the therapist and the patient work together to identify maladaptive behaviors and destructive thought processes that prevent him or her from  living an emotionally healthy life. Therapy consists of three phases;

  • Initial Phase:  The initial phase is comprised of rapport building. This is the time that the therapist learns about the patients history, present life, and future goals.  Through exploring the foundational bits of information that contribute to a lived experience, the therapist and patient are able to begin identifying the areas that are cause for concern. Through continued  discussion the therapist and patient are able to build a safe connection, or rapport, which allows for deep exploration of complex problems.

  • Working Through: The second phase, a.k.a working through, is the part of the treatment that is dedicated to understanding the function of such problematic behaviors.  Once this is understood the therapist and patient work together to identify the best course of action, albeit, change or adaption.  The working through process allows the patient to literally work through, or process foundational issues that are creating discomfort and displeasure in one's life.

  • Termination Phase: The final phase of treatment is the termination phase. Once the client has been able to work though the difficult areas that have been affecting their life the treatment can focus on coming to a healthy end.  In this phase the patient and therapist review the needs, goals, and outcomes of the treatment to ensure that the patient has developed the necessary coping skills to work thought many of life's difficult challenges.

Therapy often does not follow a specific time line, rather treatment is modified based on the needs of the patient. With that said, some treatments are long, while other's are short.  As a clinician, I will evaluate your needs within the first 3 sessions.  At that time I will share with you my thoughts on whether or not therapy will be well suited to meet your needs.